Digging Deep

I have been here before. The slide into depression is a familiar one. When I think about it, depression is more constant than most things in my life. It seems that it is always ready to sneak up and take over every aspect of my life. I have been here before. Even on this blog … Continue reading


I’ve been playing around with my blog and changing it a little. I doubt there’s anyone around to even see said changes, but oh well, I had fun! So I am here to do some updatin’ I’ve been massaging a fair bit, and looking to start really honing in on what I want my business … Continue reading

Moving On

So, after three years, a few hiccups, a lot of stress and a little worry I now have this bit of paper. I am planning a business, what to do next. Thinking about moving on. Making big plans and hoping I have become big enough to go through with them. It is refreshing, this whole … Continue reading


It’s been a sad couple of days around here. Ziggy, our little dog, chewed through a fence and got to one of our brand new, brought home that morning, chickens. She lived through the night but died a few hours ago. Of course, this means having to find Ziggy a new home. This is obviously … Continue reading


What does one say after glaring, silence filled, absence? Are there words that can fill the void that time has left gaping open like a wound? Is there any kind of offering I can make to my little blog that could explain my ghost-like presence in this space? See, awkward. I’m lucky there’s not some … Continue reading

Um, Hi

So hai there, blog o’ mine that I keep ignoring. I want to stop ignoring you, I really do. It is my goal to be here often than I am these days. It has been an age. But it is also my intention to be gentle with myself this year. So here’s hoping I can … Continue reading

Jubbly Jive July Wrap Up

So….. I’m a terrible blogger. I think we’ve all (i.e I’ve) come to terms with that now. I go through bursts of ‘doing it’ and then vast, empty nothingness gets done for oh HALF A MONTH. Fortunately though, just because I haven’t been here talking about Jubbly Jive July does not mean it didn’t keep … Continue reading

Take That, Crappo Mood!

So today was a down day. Really down. I felt myself slipping off into yuckiness and I though, !@#$ that! I’m going to deal with this here and now. So I did this: As it turns out, there is no way to continue into a depressive slump if you put on a silver mullet and … Continue reading

Quiet Beginning to Jubbly Jive July

I mean, like, really quiet. My voice is gone! So obviously, I’m ill. Not the way I was expecting to begin Jubbly Jive July, but, when your body demands quiet, what else can you do? So this affects what I can and can’t do to usher in the month. My hoop is still being neglected. … Continue reading

Planning Jubbly Jive July

So in my last post I opened up a little about the fact that I’ve been dealing with depression lately. Or is that not dealing with depression? Anyway, the point was I’m in it now and I want to work on ways to help myself out. Did I mention how scary that whole post was? … Continue reading