Planning Jubbly Jive July

So in my last post I opened up a little about the fact that I’ve been dealing with depression lately. Or is that not dealing with depression? Anyway, the point was I’m in it now and I want to work on ways to help myself out. Did I mention how scary that whole post was? My wordpress is linked to my facebook, so it got posted over there. People who I know in real life (or meatspace, as one of the Goddesses over at Goddess Guidebook refers to it) actually saw it. WITH THEIR EYES. Terrified much? I know I was.

During that post I came up with an idea to kick-start my process. I called it Jubbly Jive July because I like alliteration. And now I have to come up with the nitty-gritty and actually plan what I’m going to do. Uh-oh! Planning! Organisation! Eep!

So far I have a few activities that I’m going to do during the month to help me centre, balance and refocus. Here’s a bit of what I’ll be doing:

  • I’m going to up my meditation, following some of the lovelies that I can access from Goddess Guidebook. Did you know you can become a Goddess Circle member and get access to ALL of Goddess Leonie’s wonderful meditations and classes and beautifulness? Well you can, and when you do you get to meet some truly inspirational folk and you’ll find a lovely, supporting, soft place to land. I’m not sure I’d have the Cojones to try Jubbly Jive July out without the amazingness that is the Goddess Circle watching my back for me.
  • I’m going to be following Sara over at Soul Spackle while she does her Summer of Self-Love (even if it is Winter here!). You know how I said you’d meet some inspirational people over at Goddess Circle? Sara is one of those inspirations. Since the relaunch of Soul Spackle Sara has provided some really thought-provoking content and activities. We all need more self-love in our lives, so I’d recommend Soul Spackle to evvvveryone!
  • I’m going to be journaling my little heart out. I used to journal and write fiction and poetry and create. This is something I miss and sorely need. By committing to some journaling practice I’m hoping to work through some of my issues and fears and turn them into something constructive.
  • I’m going to try a few activities and read some stuff on depression. I’ll be talking about these activities and readings right here on my blog.
  • I’m going to get back to activities that I love. You know, I haven’t baked bread in months? If I don’t bake it, we don’t eat it, as we don’t buy bread. I miss baking. I also miss my hoop. So I’m going to be committing myself to that again. To play in general, really.
  • I’m going to focus a little more on gratitude and thoughtfulness. One thing about how depression affects me is that everything takes on this “poor me” tone, and it’s hard not to dwell on that. I want to challenge this viewpoint while I can. I have a lot to be grateful for. It’s time to focus on that.

So that’s some of the things I’ll be doing over Jubbly Jive July. I don’t want to make out like I know all the answers and have the most awesome plan, but at least I have something figured out that I think will work for me. And hey, it’s *something*. For me depression is like a big old weight that stops me from being who I want to be and doing what I want, and it’s a big deal (for me, in a personal way) to be doing this at all.

That’s all for me today about Jubbly Jive July. I’ll see you back here before the month ticks over. 🙂


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