Quiet Beginning to Jubbly Jive July

I mean, like, really quiet. My voice is gone!

So obviously, I’m ill. Not the way I was expecting to begin Jubbly Jive July, but, when your body demands quiet, what else can you do?

So this affects what I can and can’t do to usher in the month. My hoop is still being neglected. My journal will not be. Nor is my ability to meditate gone. I’m going to get my craft supplies out and have a bit of a play with them.

And there’s too much awesome-sauce going on around the internets for me to not play online. We had the first Goddess Call at Goddess Guidebook this morning. I overslept, missing a good chunk of the call, but I was very happy to find everyone still there and chatting with the uber-vibrant Goddess Leonie. Um, amazing, wonderful, fantastic…..a million trillion good words could describe this morning. Who needs a morning coffee when you can wake up to a bunch of Goddesses like that? Deliciousness. If that sounds as amazing to you as it does to me why haven’t you signed up for the Goddess Circle yet? Go onnnnnn!

I’ve also been dancing all over some amazing places on the internet inspired by Sara over at Soul Spackle. You have a little time left to enter her amazingly giant and packed-full-of-goodies Summer of Self Love give away. The grand prize is amazing. AMAZING. Go check it out and enter HERE, NOW!

That’s it for me today lovelies. I need to go rest and get over this horrid throat thing. What do you do when you need recovery? I’d love to hear what works for you.


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