Take That, Crappo Mood!

So today was a down day. Really down. I felt myself slipping off into yuckiness and I though, !@#$ that! I’m going to deal with this here and now. So I did this:

As it turns out, there is no way to continue into a depressive slump if you put on a silver mullet and purple feather boa and take photos of yourself on your webcam. It is quite impossible.

File that away under “Gee, I’m so hawt right now” and “things to do when I’m feeling shitty”.

Meanwhile, so far, Jubbly Jive July has been quite successful. I’ve done some creative stuff and some journaling that has helped me sift through some of the emotions I’ve been dealing with. I have become quite optimistic about what July is going to bring forth into my life. I have plans people, and they don’t involve bashing myself up or hurting myself. That is some awesome progress right there. Also, I’m trying to take some risks and connect with new people and old friends alike. I’m getting up early tomorrow to go to a knitting circle with some people I’m familiar with, but don’t really know. Eep! I’ve spent time with people I had disconnected with in the midst of my usual self-isolating weirdness. I’m continuing to open up about what I’m going through/have gone through and that really helps me feel less alone.

AND I’m actually making use of you, blogface. Yeah!

So that’s enough from me today. Well, enough writing anyway. You totally seem like you need more of this action though:


2 thoughts on “Take That, Crappo Mood!

    • Why hello my giggle-snorting friend! The month itself has been going really well. Blogging about my adventures has not been going so great. I shall be putting together an update in the coming days, which you may very well miss until you have returned from internet sabbatical but they shall be there all the same. Many thanks for dropping by! ❤

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