What does one say after glaring, silence filled, absence? Are there words that can fill the void that time has left gaping open like a wound? Is there any kind of offering I can make to my little blog that could explain my ghost-like presence in this space?

See, awkward.

I’m lucky there’s not some kind of blog-abandonment-services a la child protection services or this blog may have been forcibly taken from me by now. ๐Ÿ˜‰

So I am Amy, just in case you’ve forgotten completely. I am still studying massage. Still learning to knit (I’m onto a beanie!) and playing in my hoop and with my pets. I still struggle with the same things I have struggled with, though perhaps in different ways to how I have struggled in the past. I am still trying to create and live and strive. Aren’t we all?

What else is new? Oh I play netball now. Indoor and the normal kind. I want to call it outdoor, but the reality is I play most of my games inside. In a tiny skirt. I am really not sure about that tiny skirt. I also have to take my nose ring out, which is completely disarming and odd. I figured out that I have worn this ring for 13 years the other day as I was removing it. No wonder I am so used to it! I have been enjoying the challenge of the game, and my body is liking the fitness challenge I think. It’s not enjoying realising that it is, indeed, older than it used to be. I’m usually not one to lament the ageing process. I actually quite enjoy it. But playing a sport with a group of girls that are at least ten years your junior really rams it home. I guess (one year out from turning 30) that I am not a teenager any more. ๐Ÿ˜‰

So then little blog, does that satisfy you to a degree? It has satisfied me, for now. I really do hope we can see more of each other. I think I have a new direction and little project in mind for you. Oh yes. I may just have to do some updating and stuff like that. After all, I am on pintrest now. And instagram, where you can find me under the completely surprising moniker ofย rainbowsanddaydreams. And I have so many websites to add to my link page.ย 

It won’t be long before I am back. ๐Ÿ˜€



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