It’s been a sad couple of days around here. Ziggy, our little dog, chewed through a fence and got to one of our brand new, brought home that morning, chickens. She lived through the night but died a few hours ago. Of course, this means having to find Ziggy a new home.

This is obviously a heartbreaking decision to have to make, but it is one that has to be made. We depend on the chickens for both food for us and manure for our garden. We not only like having chickens, but eventually plan on getting more so that we can supply eggs to local cafes. While Ziggy as a dog has been great, his instinct to hunt is too strong. He has killed two chickens now, he has the taste and knows how to get them. Imagine if I had been a little late to the party yesterday. He may have chewed his way into the pen and we could have lost all six chickens instead of one. 

But gee, talk about a frustrating and sad situation. We have to separate our two dogs, who are pack and very fond of each other. We have spent time and money, and invested a great deal of effort into Ziggy. He is well trained. We were getting him ready to spend out the rest of his days with us. Now we have to give all of that effort us, perhaps to start all over again with a new dog. Back to square one.

So that’s all from here in the land of suck. Hopefully I’ll be back soon with something nicer to write about.

For my sake, at least. 



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