I’ve been playing around with my blog and changing it a little. I doubt there’s anyone around to even see said changes, but oh well, I had fun!

So I am here to do some updatin’

I’ve been massaging a fair bit, and looking to start really honing in on what I want my business to be like. I’m also dreaming about the next step for me, which will be to return to study after working for a while to become a naturopath as well as a massage therapist. But that’s way off in the future, so for now I will be focusing on massage skills and continuing education that has to do with soft tissue manipulation.

We have, after more than a few months of looking, found a dog that we think will fit in to our home and hopefully be a forever friend for Mojo. He is a 12 month old white dog with black spots called Cooper. He is wonderfully mongrelised too- as my favourite dogs often are! Cooper comes to live with us tomorrow. We have got a big bag of bones for him and Mojo to enjoy together when he gets here. I think it’s going to be great having another little pal around again!

Hmm, what else? Nothing much, really. Ben has been working hard. He even picked up a second job. We’re hoping to do some renovations on our house this year, including building a deck on the back of our house. Exciting times! Our garden is also going swimmingly. We’ll even be showing our house as part of the Armidale Home Grown tour. This is a tour for people in Armidale to see gardens in action in all sorts of capacities. Seeing as we built our garden on the cheap out of recycled materials and we now have enough food for us, the chooks and occasionally the odd cafe, I think we’ve done alright!

I’ll be back soon, little blog face. I don’t want to get too promise-y or anything like that, but I think I’ll be back to share how we make our paella. I’ll have to make some paella first to get some good photos of the process. Poor me, more paella. 😉


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