It’s About Damn Time….

Seriously, how can I still have a blog post lamenting the disappearance of February up at the top of my page?! It is only, um, nearly JULY!!! So I could do my usual dance around all of the reasons I’ve been ignoring you, dear little blog. I could talk about being busy and study and … Continue reading

Where’d Feburary Go?!

Gosh! Has it really been a whole month since I’ve been here? Terribly sorry Ms Blog, but that dreaded “real life” thing has become really busy and well, I may have neglected you just a little. Only a little though. And I thought about you, I swear. 😉 So what’s been happening since I have … Continue reading

John Butler Trio in Tamworth

I went and saw the John Butler Trio in Tamworth last week as part of the Tamworth Country Music Festival. It was a truly wonderful concert. It is always lovely to see someone who loves what they do and lets that shine through them. This song is called Ocean, and John performed it as a … Continue reading

On Accountability.

This year I am participating in a few little projects with the focus and intent of growing into the person I want to be; happy, confident, joyous. It may surprise people who know me well that I am not very confident. I am filled with self doubt, and usually these feelings can be my own … Continue reading

Wild Flower Walk

Living as close as I do to Armidale’s arboretum has seen it fast become my favourite place to walk. There’s a little native tree and plant area, the usual European trees you see around Armidale (that make the area so pretty in autumn), and even a little pond with a fairly impressive waterfall that you … Continue reading

Hello 2011. New Year = New Blog!

First post for 2011! I’m planning on utilising this space so much more effectively this year so I sure hope we’ll see a little more of each other this year. Really this post is just so I won’t have a blog post from mid-last-year at the top of my page. I’m currently doing a little … Continue reading

A Winter Update

Hello little dear blog. Look at you, left out in the cold, abandoned and alone. Here, have a blanket. Life has kept on going while I’ve been ignoring you. We’re fully into Winter and it’s been a cold one. We have broken a few lowest-recorded-average-temperature-records this season. And yet, there is still no snow day. … Continue reading

An Update

Oh my dear little blog, you have been neglected so! I have been very busy with my massage course, which I am happy to say has been going really well! I’ve had excellent marks and really good feedback and I am still just loving it. Best of all I’ve made some wonderful friends in the … Continue reading

A New Path

So I have started my massage course, and what can I say? Three days in, a first aid certificate under my belt, and I am loving it. I am so glad I finally made this step and started down this new path. It is like it fits, like everything has fallen into place at last. … Continue reading

Berrymisu; Berry Chocolate Tiramisu

It’s been a really exciting week for me. I have enrolled and will be studying massage this year! This is a big deal for me, as I’ve dreamed about a career in natural health for as long as I remember, and now I am finally taking the first steps towards that dream career! I’m looking … Continue reading